Weekend Peeling

The fractional laser with Er‐YAG 2940nm wavelength can restructure fibrous tissue which cause scars, stimulate the growth of collagen and initiate the self‐healing process of skin to smoothes out rough and uneven surface of skin and improves the overall skin texture .

Weekend Peeling Laser Treatment can match up with Weekend Peeling RF, Weekend Peeling Laser Treatment can use in details area on the skin like the wing of nose.

Particularly effective in curing acne scares
Improving pores and wrinkles
The fractional radio frequency causes damage to the aging cells and stimulates collagen growth to achieve a resurfacing effect. Bi-polar radio frequency is safer with lower incidence of atrophy of underlying tissues and lower chance for nerves damage.

Especially effective on improving pores, acne scars
Improving the wrinkles problems and the texture of skin