Stem cell facial treatment (Stem cell treatment + CE + HP)

Stem cell facial treatment use of plant placenta stem cells peas soften rough and dry skin, extracted from pea small molecule peptide hydrolysis by the liposomal transmission technology package that can quickly and directly into the dermis, leave the skin healthy young.

Stem cell treatment cream contains stem cells used activator, soybean placenta, horsetail extract and spirulina extracts to start cell regeneration mechanisms, in particular for and repair aging, increase cell oxygen injection, and effectively promoting fibroblast collagen synthesis, so that the skin regains its elasticity and reduce wrinkles.

Stem Cell Oxygen update care use activation aging skin thin cell to increase renewal of the skin, also protect the skin stem cells against aging effects, and can quickly fade wrinkles and improve skin smoothness, skin smooth are bright, smooth and soft .

This treatment can improve skin laxity, acne, acne, stretch marks, scars.