Non-needle Placenta Induction Treatment

Without needles and pain incurred in Placenta Induction Treatment, the non-invasive pulsing currents, assist the transfer of up to 99.9% active ingredients to the skin tissues.

Metal - Placenta Induction Treatment
Placenta has been reputed since long ago for skin whitening, moisturizing and anti-oxidation, especially the human placenta for its proximity to human cells. All of our placenta products are extracted, sterilized with cutting-edge technology, passed stringent inspections and imported from Japan.

Wood –Rejuvenating Induction Treatment
French imports of marine elastic fibers is to consolidate the main substance of human tissues and organs, it helps increase the flexibility of cells and promote blood circulation.

Water - Moisturizing Induction Treatment
With Ace moisturizer, this treatment can maximize the moist level of your skin, as well as improve reduce fine lines, increase elasticity and your skin firmness.

Fire – Caviar Induction Treatment
The most precious Caviar helps moisturize and increase the elasticity of your skin.

Earth – Anti-acne Induction treatment
Swiss import of anti-acne serum has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and anti-allergy three effects, which can quickly relieve acne inflammation, swelling, and improve wound healing and acne scars reduction.