Epionce Peel

Epionce Ingredients:

Lite Peel: Refresh Epionce skin refreshing peel is researched and developed by dermatologist Dr. Carl R. Thornfeldt. It is suitable for very sensitive skin because the ingredients of Epionce is extracted from natural plants including onion, malic acid, salicylic acid, white willow skin.

The active ingredients of Epionce can effectively refreshing the skin: Malic acid can help and stimulate cell renewal of your skin; The characteristics of salicylic acid lipophilic helps for nutrient penetration while unclogging pores, facilitating skin metabolism; Onion which possesses anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidation effect, helps collagen stimulation and reproduction, increaing skin elasticity and firming; white willow skin to help clear the pores, anti-inflammatory,and anti-oxidation.



Clean pores: deep cleansing, unclog pores, remove blackheads and acne
Firming and reduce wrinkles: rebuild collagen, enhance skin elasticity
Anti-inflammatory anti-acne: enhance metabolism, reduce the appearance of hyperpigmentation
Moisturizing and whitening: moisturizing your skin, whitening with bright skin tone
Antioxidant and rejuvenation: anti-inflammatory and antioxidant, skin refreshing peel with no downtime