DrD Hair Treatment

Hair loss occurs in both men and women. It is a very common condition that men may start having hair loss in their middle age. Despite aging is one of the contributing factors of hair loss, the loss of hair or having thinning hair of women may due to pregnancy. While there are ways to help improving the hair loss or thinning hair problems, it is crucial for us to identify and understand the cause of hair loss so that the problem can be handled effectively with proper treatment.


DrD Hair Care Center is a professional hair treatment center that provides services on hair regrowth, hair care, and anti-hair loss preventation. Our DrD consultant is professional having indepth knowledge and the know-how in anti-hair loss treatment and technique. Together with the use of advanced micro-skin analyzer, we are able to identify and understand the cause of hair loss, thus enabling us to offer and design an effective hair treatment program for each of our clients, and to closely follow up with care. DrD also developed a series of hair products with its unique and effective formulation using natural and effective ingredients to supplement the hair treatments including such as laser therapy, mesotherapy, etc. for maximizing the effectiveness of the treatment.


In order to cope with the DrD Anti-Hair Loss Solution developed by International Biotech Institute (IBI), United States, our DrD Hair Care Center specifically introduced advanced hair care equipments, for which the laser component is FDA approved that can effectively activate cells, accelerate blood circulation and increase metabolism, targeting to improve hair loss problems.